Tool Kit

When speaking to legislators, the press or other groups within your community, use the AIF Toolkit. The ready-made PowerPoint presentation incorporates the latest industry statistics gathered from AIF research, including who buys timeshare, why consumers buy, and how much money is spent per trip in the local economy.

Region-specific data is not currently available based on current research. Several blank slides allow you to customize the presentation to fit your needs and audience.

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Statistics will be updated as new research is conducted, so check back periodically for the latest version, as indicated by the “last revised” date.

Research Library

Review and purchase the latest studies in the extensive AIF research library.

Research Library 

Timeshare Datashare

According to the 2018 United States Shared Vacation Ownership Owners Study, close to four in five (78%) of recent purchasers whose purchase was not an upgrade nor a reload attended at least one sales presentation at the resort/company where they own now (one: 58%; two or more: 21%), before purchasing their timeshare.