July 2017 Timeshare Datashare 

Timeshare Sales Growth

Provided by ARDA International Foundation 

According to the recently released AIF 2017 State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry report, the U.S. timeshare industry enjoyed its seventh consecutive year of growth in 2016. In particular, sales volume increased by nearly 7% from $8.6 billion in 2015 to $9.2 billion in 2016.  The study also discusses the trend of sales volume over the past five years. Sales volume has increased by more than 34% since 2012 – an average of 8% annually. 

The study was conducted by Ernst & Young on behalf of the AIF in early 2017 among 1,558 recognized timeshare resorts to provide an overview of the state of the timeshare industry in the U.S. Responses were received from 710 resorts, representing a 46% response rate. 

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Source: State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry Report, 2017 Edition conducted for the AIF by Ernst & Young