Shared Vacation Ownership Non-Buyer Study

Published and sponsored by the ARDA International Foundation, 2013.
Conducted by the Research Intelligence Group.
Member $250; Non-member $350.

Table of Contents

 I. Introduction Research Methodology

II. Executive Summary Implications

III. Pre-Tour Tour Demographics
AIF Owner Segments
Pre-Timeshare Tour/Sales
Presentation Activities
‘Gift’ Offered for Attending
Timeshare Tour/ Sales Presentation
Satisfaction with Initial Aspect of Timeshare
Presentation/Sales Presentation
Pre-Arrival Information Provided/Satisfaction with Pre-Arrival Information
Desired Pre-Arrival Information
Pre-Arrival Information
Influencing Factors in Helping Decide to Take Tour/Sales Presentation

IV. The Tour Itself
Recent Timeshare Tour/Sales Presentation

Products Discussed

Influencing Factors in Helping Decide to Purchase a Timeshare

Duration of Timeshare
Tour/Sales Presentation
Materials Received During Timeshare
Tour/Sales Presentation
Sales Executives
Most Recent Tour/Sales Presentation Vs. Previous Tours/Sales Presentations
Satisfaction with Timeshare
Company and Sales Team
Financial Information—Credible Documents
Any Financial Information Received

V. Post-Tour Decision Making
Extra Incentives
Pressure and Privacy
Purchase Timing
Follow Up Post Tour
Reasons For Not Purchasing
Purchase Intent at Resort Toured
Purchase Intent Overall
Future Timeshare Activity
Future Timeshare Tour Invitation Preferences
Future Tour Incentive Preferences

VI. Vacation Habits
Recent Vacation
State of the Economy and Impact on Vacation Habits

VII. Future Purchase—Key Drivers
Maximum-Differential Scaling Introduction
Future Purchase—Key Drivers
Max-Diff Exercise Overall
Future Purchase—Key Drivers
Max-Diff Exercise By Type

VIII. Media Usage Media Use Overall and Online
Media Channel Usage Frequency—Television & Print Media
Media Channel Usage Frequency—Radio
Media Usage—Television
Internet Usage
Website Usage
Social Media Use
Communication Medium

Appendix  Survey