Shared Vacation Ownership Resale Report

Published and sponsored by the ARDA International Foundation, 2013.
Conducted by the Research Intelligence Group.
Member $250; Non-member $350.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction  

Research Methodology


II. Executive Summary  


III. Overview  

Product Type by Sub-Groups

Rating of Timeshare Ownership Experience

IV. Buying  

Buyer Demographics

Buyer Profiles: Segment Distributions & Locations

Purchase Motivations

Purchase Motivations: Unit Features

Channel Assessment…Which is Better?

Objective Third-Party Endorsement

Purchase Channels

Most Important Benefits

Influencers in Selection

Internet Activities

Pre-Purchase Activities

Contract Price and Fees 

Expected Transaction Amount of Intended Purchase

Funding Source

Buyer Resale Experience Satisfaction

V. Selling  

Seller Demographics

Segment Distributions

Selling Activities

Sales Channels

Selling Motivations

Channel Assessment…Which is Better

Impact of Endorsement

Number of Organizations Considered & Influencers in Selection

Internet Activities

Transaction and Fees of Most Recent Sale

Expected Sales Amount

Right Sizing Profile

Information Received from Reseller

Benefits with Greatest Impact on Resale Organization Selection

Seller Resale Experience Satisfaction

VI. Vacation Habits  

Recent Vacations

State of the Economy and Impact on Vacation Habits

Altering Vacation Plans Due to Current State of Economy

APPENDIX Survey Form