January 2016 Timeshare Datashare

Awareness of Timeshare Rental 

Provided by ARDA International Foundation            

According to a recent omnibus survey conducted by Leger for the AIF, 49% of the respondents did not know that timeshare, as well as being sold, is also available for rent. Twelve percent of the respondents have rented a timeshare in the past.  After renting, 47% of the respondents felt more positively towards timeshare (vs. 6% more negatively). In addition, the research found that 45% of those who have rented a timeshare actually bought one afterwards. They are also more likely to purchase a timeshare in the future (39% vs. 5%). The omnibus survey was conducted online in December 2015 among 1,006 respondents.

 201601 datashare 

Source: December Omnibus Survey conducted by Leger for the AIF