February 2016 Timeshare Datashare

Who are the Next Generation Prospects?

provided by ARDA International Foundation

 The Next Generation of timeshare prospects are not shaped from one mold. According to the 2015 AIF Next Generation study, the younger segments of timeshare owners tend to be more ethnically diverse than non-owners. Approximately 14% of Millennial owners are Hispanic (non-owners, 9%), with another 14% of these owners being Asian (non-owners, 11%). Among younger Gen X’ers, 16% are Hispanic (non-owners, 8%), and 12% of owners are Asian (non-owners, 9%). Despite this, the level to which Millennial or younger Gen X’ers are African American is rather similar across owners and non-owners (11-12%). Overall, this diversity is not as prominent among older Gen X’ers, as 81% of owners in this age group are white, compared to 75% of non-owners. 

 Timeshare prospects are defined as both owners and non-owners but are at least open to owning a timeshare product In the next two years. 

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Source: 2015 Next Generation study conducted by Leger for the AIF