Timeshare Datashare: September 2016     

What Do Vacationers Think About Peer-to-Peer Vacation Services  

Provided by ARDA International Foundation   

Vacationers renting rooms or houses directly from homeowners using services like Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway has become a popular trend. According to a recent omnibus survey conducted by Leger for the AIF, among more than 1,000 consumers, 4 out of 10 are aware of share-driven accommodation or peer-to-peer vacation/rental services. About 17% have used such services. The awareness and usage of such services are much higher among timeshare owners than non-owners (70% vs. 34% and 69% vs. 11%). 

When asked about what they liked about the services, saving money (65%); having a kitchen (59%), and being in control (57%) are the top three benefits. What they liked the least are the fact that there was no housekeeping (47%), no concierge/front desk (23%), and that it was not a part of a resort (17%).

  sept 2016 


Source: July Omnibus Survey conducted for the AIF by Leger.