Dues and Governance

ARDA will manage the activities of the ARDA-Caribbean Committee through its state and regional committee organizational model. The committee will assess developer dues and provide legislative contributions as necessary to accomplish their program of work and as needs merit. The committee will agree upon a regular meetings schedule, ad hoc meetings, and develop ad hoc committees when necessary. The committee will also work closely with the ARDA Resort Owners Coalition (ARDA-ROC) to monitor and represent the interests of timeshare owners and the ARDA International Foundation to conduct economic impact studies. Depending on the issue, additional funding may be available from ARDA-ROC.

The committee’s final dues structure will be developed along two different tracks of programming. The first track will include general programs of interest to all members with interests in the region. The second track will include proactive and/or defensive legislative issues in specific jurisdictions of interest to specific members. Within each line of programming members will have a simple "one member, one vote" form of governance. The state affairs team is currently researching expenses related to both tracks of programming. We believe that offering a full range of a la carte dues options will provide interested members more opportunities to participate in the activities of the ARDA-Caribbean Committee.

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