ARDA-Caribbean Partnerships

ARDA is pleased to work with the following associations to help protect and develop timeshare interests and tourism throughout various regions in the Caribbean.

St. Maarten Timeshare Association (SMTA)

“While we have been active in our legislative issues, we welcome ARDA’s expertise, support, and active participation in this process. It’s a simple matter of getting the best talent to work.” - Jim Rosen, SMTA’s Vice-Chairman

USVI Hotel and Tourism Association

“The USVI Hotel & Tourism Association is proud not only to have the timeshare industry as a part of our membership but to also have representation on our Board of Directors...In the true spirit of partnership, ARDA… made a contribution to the Hotel Association’s Scholarship Fund. We have worked closely with ARDA-Caribbean on timeshare industry issues and look forward to a long term alliance.” - Lisa Hamilton, president of the USVI-HTA

Aruba Timeshare Association (ATSA)

“The timeshare segment has been the backbone of the Aruban hospitality industry.  The resurgence of ARDA-Caribbean has been a very welcome development for the Caribbean region as a whole, and we look forward to continuing our positive liaison with them in the future.” - Andy Osbourne, president of the ATSA.

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