Proposed Recording Fee in CA Hurts Resorts


Issue Brief

Senate Bill 391 seeks to provide funding for affordable housing programs by adding a new $75 recording fee for all real estate documents (i.e., notice of lien, notice of foreclosure, etc.). The bill has strong support from legislative leadership but is opposed by a coalition of groups highlighted by the California Realtors Association.  


While laudable in intent, the bill would place a significant burden on the recovering real estate market and has a disproportionate effect on timeshare associations—which would potentially need to record the documents far more frequently than a whole ownership regime. 

Position/Call to Action

ARDA and ARDA-ROC believe this bill in its current form impacts timeshare associations disproportionately and should be changed accordingly.


Senate Bill 391 appears to have died after being held in the Appropriations Committee Suspense File.  Bills held in this file past a recent deadline cannot be moved forward for the remainder of this session.  ARDA and ARDA ROC will continue to monitor for further developments on this issue.

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