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Top 10 FAQ's for Membership Renewal

When does ARDA membership start and end?
ARDA membership renews each year on October 1st and extends through September 30th of the following year. Your member benefits are active within this period and timely payment of dues allows ARDA to execute strategic objectives that benefit all members.

What types of membership does ARDA offer?
ARDA offers corporate, VIP, and individual memberships. Please reference the membership dues structure found at www.arda.org/membership, or contact the ARDA Member Experience Team for further discussion.

How are corporate membership rates determined?
Each corporate membership is assigned a business category – Core, Associate, or Affiliate – which also includes industry type and annual dues. Member dues in the Core category (including management companies) are based upon yearly industry-related revenue volume or the total number of keys/units managed.

When we are invoiced in August, our company is only 2/3 through the fiscal year. What sales numbers should we use to determine a revenue volume that corresponds with the correct Core member level?
Please select the appropriate level based upon your forecasted revenues for your current business year.

Does my corporate membership offer benefits to everyone in my organization?
Yes, any active employee is eligible to receive ARDA member benefits as described here: www.arda.org/membership.

How often should I review or adjust my member category?
To ensure proper assignment, ARDA conducts reviews of corporate memberships on a yearly basis—confirming accuracy of each member’s category, level, industry type and annual dues. We also encourage all members to notify ARDA of relevant business updates prior to invoicing; otherwise, invoices are sent August using the member’s category details from the previous year.

My organization just joined ARDA. How does this affect our invoice?
New membership dues are billed for 12 months (yearly). The following year, dues are pro-rated to ARDA’s next fiscal year billing cycle. For example, if a member joins ARDA on May 1, 2018 they pay dues for a full calendar year. The next invoice is prorated for the 5 months remaining in the adjusted billing calendar of the original start date (May) through the end of September.

Do I need a Corporate Membership if I purchase a VIP Membership?
Yes, VIP Membership is available only to organizations that are current corporate members. Chairman’s League and Trustee designations are assigned to individuals.

What is ARDA-WIN Advantage?
The WIN membership is an individual membership available to any employee or associate at a member organization, to enhance their ARDA participation. Underwriting and WIN sponsorship benefits WIN’s mission for diversity, mentorship and philanthropy. Learn more at www.arda.org/WIN. 

Why aren’t my federal and state legislative dues included on my invoice?
Federal and legislative dues are billed each November following committee budget approvals at Fall Conference. They are paid in addition to the corporate membership, VIP, or individual dues.