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Looking Back and to the Future

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Looking Back and to the Future 

by Steve Weisz, ARDA Chairman
January 13, 2016 

  Changing the Lens 

What a year it has been—with events and circumstances happening around the globe that truly left us speechless at times. We’ve witnessed the unimaginable peaks and valleys that often happened in just the blink of an eye. People showed us their character and some just showed us they’re characters. A memorable year with continuous hopes for promise as we start 2016.

As I look back, I think how recent announcements of acquisitions will have a profound effect on the growth and opportunities in hospitality for the next generation. Consolidation and strategic alliances certainly led the way with the industry showing a strong resurgence of performance and activity we haven’t seen in years.

These are a promising indictor of things to come. We’re in a financially healthy business environment, with great leaders and entrepreneurs that continue to show the spirit of what got us where we are today.

I encourage all of you to show your own spirit of enterprise and innovation and create a legacy that will be remembered by tomorrow’s leaders and redefine our industry for the future!

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