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Turning Digital Disruption into a Successful Marketing Strategy

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Turning Digital Disruption into a Successful Marketing Strategy 

By Brooke Doucha & Jason Tremblay, founders of Seychelle Media 



Traditional sales and marketing approaches as we know them will continue to be challenged by how today’s consumers engage and interact with brands. Consumers are highly connected and want to be communicated with in a specific way: on their terms, with messaging that’s personalized, and in the spaces where they’re most comfortable engaging. Well-equipped and informed by digital devices and mediums, they want to feel respected and responsible for ultimately making their own purchasing decisions. So in the vacation planning process, they turn to digital tools, reading or participating in peer reviews, booking travel online, uploading and sharing vacation photos to their Facebook pages, utilizing technology in every step. 

Timeshare developers are beginning to adopt digital marketing and communications to create more timely and meaningful dialogue with their owners, earning the loyalty of their customers and allegiance to their brand.

As digital tools have progressed, so have the data-points that accompany them.  Companies are trying to keep pace with trends in marketing and communications and turn analytics data into information that matters and informs their future strategy.   As we discussed in a recent Developments article, many businesses in our industry are unsure how to evolve with digital disruptions— a devastating innovation that eventually takes over the marketplace.  While our industry has successfully integrated digital marketing into their customer relations model, integrating it into their sales and marketing model is a more complex task.  Looking ahead, touching new segments of buyers through new channels and digital mediums is essential for us to reach consumers previously neglected by our traditional marketing approach.

We encourage you to read this article as you think about turning your own digital marketing strategy into one that attracts, engages, converts and inspires.



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