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Allies in the Trenches

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Allies in the Trenches 

By Charlene Small
Each month, our government affairs team shares insightson the latest issues, their strategy for continued successful advocacy measures, and sometimes a glimpse into how they enjoy vacation. With this recent edition of “Faces from the Frontlines” in Developments, our team shared the spotlight with our advocacy allies across the United States that are working tirelessly on behalf of ARDA, ARDA-ROC, and the timeshare industry.

Many members might not realize that ARDA’s advocacy efforts are widely spread at the ground level in every state, as well as on Capitol Hill. How does ARDA reach all of these levels? By deploying strategic partnerships with legislative consultants, attorneys, and lobbyists in each state or jurisdiction.

In October, about 20 lobbyists from all over the United States and Hawaii travelled to Orlando, Florida, to meet with our federal and state government affairs team in a special two-day retreat, in order to revitalize our advocacy efforts for the quickly approaching 2017 legislative year. The retreat sought to reenergize our impact in each region, as well as reconnect with our advocates who are in the daily trenches of legislative issues on our behalf.

This retreat solidifies ARDA’s mission to promote the growth
and development of the timeshare industry by remaining actively involved in local, state and national governmental affairs through monitoring regulatory issues that affect timeshare. Read what members of our government affairs team had to say about this influential weekend in this month’s edition of Developments magazine.