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2017 Legislative Outlook

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 2017 Legislative Outlook

From the inauguration of our new president to welcoming a Republication majorityin the U.S. House and Senate, 2017 is set to be an extraordinary year—filled with potential of tremendous impact on not only our nation but also our industry.We spoke with our federal and state government affairs teams to get their take on how the recent historical elections may impact the timeshare industry, as well as any key advocacy efforts they plan to focus on in this new year.  

Let’s take a look at some snippets from what our legislative team had to say about how the timeshare industry as a whole and some of their new advocacy efforts.  

Robert Clements 

Last year I set out to build strong relationships with attorneys general, as well as other regulatory and enforcement agencies in our key states. This year, I intend to continue those outreach and relationship building efforts throughout the country. Through these relationships, I plan to provide these groups with a greater understanding of the current state of timeshare and the positive and negative issues that may affect the industry.  

With the 2017 legislative sessions about to start around the country, we’ll continue to monitor legislation and work with our members to advocate for their legislative needs.   

Chris Stewart 

The 2016 election results were surprising across the country, when compared to expectations set by the polls. Beyond the presidential level, many economists and politically-seasoned forecasters predicted gains by Democrats in several down-ticket races. Clearly, that didn’t happen. However, after the election, the new members of Congress will help to reduce the concerns regarding new taxes. 

Justin Vermuth 

While our 2017 goals are still being finalized, they can fit in two general buckets. Thefirst bucket looks at breaking down the impediments that members have while attempting to do business in a timely and efficient manner. For example, if registration approvals are taking too long in a state, then we brainstorm on what can be done to get the agency the right tools or resources to help expedite the process.  

The second bucket concentrates on timeshare owner protection. This includes utilizing our new staff resources to consult with enforcement officials on implementing some of the great consumer protection tools we have already passed in Massachusetts, Florida, Colorado, to name a few. Also, dealing with the termination dates that are approaching for legacy resorts. And of course, thereare always tax issues to contend with. 

Kevin Riley 

With regard to ARDA’s key legislative priorities in 2017, there is reason to be fairly optimistic that the composition of the incoming administration—as wellas Congress—will be more receptive to the issues plaguing businesses across our nation, including those that affect our industry and its members.  

The ARDA Federal Affairs team will continue its efforts with the new Congress to support legislation that will better align this agency with its governmental counterparts and install much-needed oversight and transparency.   

ARDA’s outreach to legislators will continue in 2017, and we are hopeful that this administration will not hinder our efforts, as we are joined by a broad coalition of businesses from across the nation    

Find out what else our legislative team had to say about how the recent election will impact our industry in this month’s Developments Magazine.