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A Brand Marketing Case Study: “Orlando. You don’t know the half of it” Campaign, Lessons for All of Us

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A Brand Marketing Case Study: “Orlando. You don’t know the half of it” Campaign, Lessons for All of Us

by Peter Roth
VP, Marketing and Communications

 Changing the Lens 

 Shifting the perception of timeshare as a viable—and beneficial—way to travel is integral to our strategic conversations at ARDA. From a Marketing and Communications standpoint, how we communicate with our key audiences and stakeholders is equally as important as what we communicate. In other words, integrating data and facts into compelling materials is essential in communicating effectively in today’s digitally-dependent, research-driven and content-overloaded society. 

 The good news is we are working more closely with ARDA’s International Foundation (AIF) to identify travel habits, vacation preferences, travel experiences, and vacation benefits (among other topics) that can be used to help position the timeshare experience effectively to different demographics and potential consumers across multiple channels. We are integrating these findings into infographics, blog topics, social posts, press releases, and as core content for all our communications.

While ARDA may be in the early stage of this effort, Orlando’s Economic Development Commission (EDC) is in the middle of a multiyear campaign of its own to change the perception of Orlando as more than a vacation destination. At ARDA World, Jennifer Wakefield, vice president of Communications and Marketing at the EDC, presented on how their campaign “Orlando. You don’t know the half of it” is doing—she shared many good tips and lessons learned!

The EDC first conducted research to determine perceptions about Orlando and created a 40-person committee of business leaders to help identify its mission and guide the strategic plan. The integrated campaign targeted local influencers and utilized paid elements, media partnerships, business promotions, national PR, social and online efforts, and stakeholder engagement for the initial launch, followed by a sustained PR effort. Their performance indicators are being measured through awareness, engagement and submissions for business investment, and they are well on their way to success! To find out more about this campaign, read here.

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