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Getting It Right

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Getting It Right 

 getting it right 

By: Howard C. Nusbaum, President

A favorite quote of mine comes from famed management consultant, educator and author Peter Drucker, who said “management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” And ARDA has been blessed with a continuing line of leaders who are all about “doing the right thing.”

Using the excitement and high energy from this year’s ARDA World, we are excited to keep the momentum of strong leadership going with the torch passing to Mark Wang (President and CEO of Hilton Grand Vacation) as our new Chair. One of the great benefits of this rotation of leaders every two years is the ability to bring fresh perspectives while maintaining important continuity—keeping our association and mission lean and relevant for today’s world. 

Mark is the latest in a line of impressive leaders who have held this role, and I am looking forward to working with him as we jump into the various programs and work initiatives.

There will not be one beat missed during this transition time as Mark has already had a head start on several of these programs. In fact, he helped lay the groundwork for many of our programs as the Chair of the ARDA Strategic Taskforce—a group of industry leaders who created our association’s roadmap and plan for the next three years. 

Mark was instrumental in shaping the vision for that group and has a great energy and enthusiasm for the task ahead. I’ve also personally had the privilege of working with Mark for nearly two decades, as he was active in ARDA-Hawaii when I first came to ARDA. His experience at this state committee level (along with his role in a global company) makes Mark the right leader for this crucial time at ARDA.

He has already begun to make his imprint in ARDA under his new role, spending the day with our team in DC in late May. With his drive and leadership, I’d say we are off to an awesome start!