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Changing the Lens ARDA Blog

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Changing the Lens 

By Howard Nusbaum 
July 23, 2014  

Changing the Lens Blog    

We’ve been talking a lot about the next generation and how our industry has changed to meet the needs of this growing vacation sector.  Recent research now tells us that the “next generation” is becoming today’s consumer. 

Our recent AIF Owners Study found that consumers of today are, on average, much younger than ever before and much more culturally diverse.  The average age of owners who have purchased in the last three years is now 42 years old—compared with 50.5 years old for all timeshare owners. This younger owner demographic also has more children at home who comprise the vacation-group.

From resort accommodations and amenities to new product features and services, our industry needs to understand the priorities of this new consumer and all their various lifestyle requirements.  As resort developers and designers, we need to look at the world through this new lens.  The good news is that ARDA and the AIF will continue to provide market intelligence and tools designed to meet these needs.  For now, some of these topics are tackled in our July Construction & Design issue of Developments magazine, where the impact of traveling group-members on unit size, on-site amenities, and activities is discussed.  Be sure to check it out!


Generation Next

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Generation Next  

By Franz Hanning, President & CEO of Wyndham Vacation Club and ARDA Chairman
ARDA Guest Blogger

July 11, 2014 


 Generation Next Photo sized 


As an industry, we are witnessing how technology validates the role we play in providing an outlet for people to unplug and spend quality time with loved ones. We’ve all seen the expansion of technology’s impact on travel over the last decade, and we have recognized how consumers use technology before, during, and after travel. That’s why the role technology plays in our industry was a key focus at this year’s ARDA World Convention in Las Vegas.

During many of the educational sessions, we shared lessons learned about how developers incorporate technology into their business models, products, operations, communications, and sales and marketing efforts. From a renewed focus on in-room technology to enhanced customer experiences and owner-engagement programs, our industry is constantly adapting. The use of technology has enabled our industry to communicate better with our owner base, and taught us how to communicate with the next generation of owners. This means gaining an understanding of digital marketing, social media, and new technologies.

Be sure to catch-up on technology-themed lessons from ARDA World in the June issue of Developments magazine 

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