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Using Data to Reach the Experience-Focused Traveler

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Using Data to Reach the Experience-Focused Traveler 

By Todd Schulte  

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Marketing of timeshares performs best when it is closely aligned with the unique interests, preferences, and needs of prospects. That means that the unique array of experiences your timeshare property offers—whether on-site or nearby—can be the basis for improved focus in your marketing.

By doing this you’ll know who to market to and what to emphasize. And equally important, you’ll know who not to market to and what not to emphasize. Great brands understand that they can’t be everything to everybody.

Applying this to timeshare, it’s highly unlikely that any given property is the best for golfing, and watersports, and culinary activities, and ecotourism, and extreme adventures, and…well, the list goes on. But if you determine what your strongest attractions and amenities are and then concentrate and customize your marketing to prospects who truly value those experiences, you will improve your odds of moving them to the next step on the path to purchase.

So how do you know what experiences people value most?

The best way is to work with a third-party data partner, who can reveal what your sales leads (as well as thousands of other prospects) actually spend their money on year after year, across a wide range of consumer spending categories.

Partnering with a third-party data provider offers clear insight into the priorities, spending patterns, and loyalty patterns of your prospects in ways that your own in-house data likely can’t reveal.

There is currently more data available to marketers to use in their promotions than ever before. With so much data available to timeshare marketers, there’s no reason not to become a truly data-empowered one. With the right partner and a willingness to invest in some testing and validating, the return on investment for every marketing dollar can be substantially better, resulting in closing more sales and booking more guests.

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