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“Doing Good”

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 “Doing Good” 

 Timeshare Companies Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility 

Many of the top timeshare industry leaders have impressive social responsibility programs –creating positive impacts on their communities, supporting diversity/inclusion and the various cultures in which they operate, which enhances the lives of their employees and protects the environment.  

These “doing good” initiatives are by no means unique in our industry, nor are the corporate social responsibility efforts limited to specific programs. In addition to providing great environments for owners, guests and employees, many timeshare companies have strong corporate cultures that support charitable works, environmental stewardship, and other positive efforts.  

By the very nature of the vacation business we are in, we make a positive impact on owners, members, and guests. In 2016, we are proud that so many are providing some of the most innovative and impactful programs around—all focused on ways to enhance the livesof their employees, families, and the communities and environment in which they live and work.   

This month’s Developments highlights WyndhamVacation Ownership and Holiday Inn Club Vacations for their ability to make an overall difference in the community.  Holiday Inn Vacations’ Heart Travels program shows a history of charitable giving, volunteering, and social responsibility that have been hallmarks of the company for decades.  While, Wyndham Vacation Ownership fosters a culture of wellness throughout the workplace. 

Take a few minutes to read about these two examples and then stay tuned to see which companies are profiled in next month’s issue of Developments.