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5 Ways to Sync Your Team Approach & Improve Owner Satisfaction

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5 Ways to Sync Your Team Approach & Improve Owner Satisfaction

By Judy Kenninger

 Team Conference

In an article for this month’s Developments, I talked to three timeshare developers about how their companies work to improve owner satisfaction. One common theme I heard was examples of departments and business units working seamlessly together as a team. In a comparison to how a crew team must work together to move the boat as one body (and thus win the race), departments in our industry that serve as touch-points to owners also must utilize a shared approach to engage owners from the sales room to a lifetime of vacations. 

Following conversations with Breckenridge Grand Vacations (BGV), Holiday Inn Club Vacations (HCV), and Welk Resorts (Welk), here are five ways to ensure that the consumer’s experience is consistent in every owner interaction. They are parallel to key training components of successful rowing teams.

  1. “Goal-Setting”:  Begin Together 
    From the outset of developing a new property, it’s important to have teams collaborate on ways to make vacations more memorable.  Hearing from the customer service team is just as important as hearing from the resort operations team.
  1. “Rigorous Training”:  Make Expectations Clear 
    Make sure the information given to owners upfront matches the experience they’ll receive—including tour offers, product details, and booking reservations.
  1. “Weight Program”:  Offer Active On-Boarding 
    Be proactive with new owners and contact them early and often to help ensure they get the most from their vacation purchase by understanding the product.
  1. “Team-Building”:  Visit One Another’s Worlds 
    Encouraging a cooperative environment between sales and owner services ensures a better understanding of the different perspectives on the owner lifecycle and how to better serve the needs of the owner. 
  1. “Testing”:  Listen, Measure, Survey & Educate 
    Many resorts survey their owners annually on their ownership experience but utilizing those results need to go further than an end-of-year report.  At BGV, for example, several different departments use the data to gauge their success and identify areas for improvement; reports on programs also are reviewed during sales meetings and feedback is answered.

At the end of the day, our industry is always striving to make the owner experience better.  And sharing best practices, lessons learned, and different perspectives across different departments will ensure success along the various points of an owner lifecycle.


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