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Expansion in Latin America

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Expansion in Latin America

By Matt McDaniel, Tourism and Travel Journalist
ARDA Guest Blogger
April 15, 2014 

Expansion in Latin America 

Of the 550 million people who reside in Latin America, an impressive one-third is part of the middle class. And this emerging group is expected to grow across the region—presenting substantial opportunities for the leisure industry. 

Interval International’s Marcos Agostini, senior vice president of resort sales and business development for the region, says that “both the overall economic health and its emerging middle class are a boon for shared ownership.”

The economic outlook for Latin America is encouraging for the remainder of 2014, with growth projected to be up nearly three percent. The global recovery and faster growth in the United States will also have a positive impact on the region’s expansion.

An article on this topic in the March issue of Developments magazine delves deeper into highlights from four key Latin American markets: Brazil, Columbia, Peru, and Mexico. Get all the details here! 


The Universal Appeal of Timeshare

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The Universal Appeal of Timeshare 

By Franz S. Hanning, RRP, Chairman of the ARDA Board of Directors
ARDA Guest Blogger

March 28, 2014

The Universal Appeal of Timeshare 

Vacations have a universal appeal—they’re a common interest that crosses cultures and borders, as evidenced by the expansive international presence timeshare already has today. 

From Finland to Thailand to South Africa, timeshare is not only breaking ground, but also breaking records around the world. Sales at the Anantara Vacation Club: Phuket in Mai Khao, Thailand, have increased 100 percent, year over year. Kodagu Valley Resort in Coorg, India, is now working on a sister property, thanks to overwhelming demand. And a full sell-out of Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is projected in the next two years.  

This indicates that demand for timeshare across the world is growing steadily—a trend we hope to see continue in the coming decade.  

But the real beauty of international expansion is that everyone benefits. Consumers abroad have access to the product in their local regions, owners have the opportunity to travel to new, exciting destinations through exchanges, and the communities in which we operate locally reap the rewards from the continued growth of international tourism to America. 

Over the years, we’ve broken down borders to the point where vacations are now a global enterprise. It’s safe to say the world is now more interconnected than ever—and when it comes to timeshare, the sky is truly the limit. 

Read more about the universal appeal of timeshare in this month’s Developments magazine. And I’ll see you soon at ARDA World in Las Vegas! 


2013: A Busy Year of Promoting and Advancing Interests of Timeshare Owners

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2013: A Busy Year of Promoting and Advancing Interests of Timeshare Owners 

By ARDA State Affairs 

November 12, 2013

Many of you will hear from ARDA staff later this week at ARDA’s Fall Conference in Washington, DC that this has been one of the busiest years on record for timeshare legislative activity at the state level.  

More than 25 bills in 13 states were introduced, passed, or killed in 2013 to protect the legislative interests of timeshare developers, timeshare associations, management companies, and timeshare owners.

A few highlights include:

--Resale and transfer company legislation was introduced in Florida, Colorado, South Carolina, and Massachusetts that will provide specific guidelines related to resellers and transfer companies

--Streamlining the Nevada Real Estate Division’s process of issuing a timeshare public offering statement (POS)

--Killing two proposed “take-back” bills introduced in Massachusetts and Vermont

--Passing three bills in Hawaii, including one that provides for voluntary de-registration of timeshare fee interests from the Land Court to the regular system at the Bureau of Conveyances

--Helping the governments of St. Maarten and Jamaica introduce comprehensive timeshare legislation that benefits developers and owners alike

You can read more details about each piece of legislation in the October issue of Developments magazine. We will also be updating attendees about our legislative priorities for 2014 during ARDA’s Fall Conference.

We are very proud of the work and the efforts of everyone involved—including timeshare owners—to help us achieve the many legislative successes. We look forward to continuing our progress into 2014.  


How Can ARDA Be Global….When the “A” Stands for American?

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How Can ARDA Be Global….When the “A” Stands for American? 

By Howard Nusbaum

May 14, 2012

Global Exchange 

As I travel the world talking to timeshare developers, owners and other industry watchers, it occurs to me that many of them are probably wondering how ARDA can say that it has a global reach when our title has “American” in its name.

Well, the only real part of our charter that is uniquely "American” is our advocacy effort. One of the big things we do for our members is to monitor and impact the regulatory issues that affect timeshare by engaging in lobbying efforts. These efforts focus on the establishment of a legislative environment that enhances consumer confidence and protection.

But beyond this, everything we do is global. 

Our convention attracts industry people from around the world, and this year it was dubbed “ARDA World” to highlight the focus on global issues and opportunities, as well as the global marketplace in which we all operate. 

In addition, the ARDA International Foundation (AIF) offers professional and educational development and important primary research to our members. We are close to releasing our World Wide Shared Vacation Ownership Survey that will give perspective on the timeshare market in many countries around the world.

So whether our owners want to travel to Breckinridge, Bangkok, or Belize, they will be supported by the “ABCs” of ARDA.

ARDA Issues Tips for Exchange

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ARDA Issues Tips for Exchange

by Lou Ann Burney

March 16, 2012


Global Exchange 

As a part of our consumer education campaign, ARDA worked with RCI and Interval International to issue a news release with consumer tips on “Making the Most of Exchange.” We are sharing these with the media, posting on, and getting the message on exchange out through our social media channels.

After all, this is one of the main reasons people continue to buy and love their timeshare vacations. Here are the tips…feel free to share them!

Tips for getting the most out of your timeshare exchange:

Deposit early: In general, the earlier you deposit your interval the greater trading power you will receive. This will result in more available vacation choices. Members of the RCI Weeks program can deposit their timeshares up to two years before their start dates.

Be flexible: The more specific you make your vacation searches, the less options you will find. Allowing for some flexibility in the dates you plan to travel or the destinations or resorts you want to visit will greatly increase your chances of finding a match.

Strength in Numbers: Members who own multiple weeks or points intervals can deposit them at once and may be able to redeem them to secure additional units to travel with family and friends. RCI also allows its RCI Weeks subscribing members to combine units so they can trade up and exchange for an interval with a higher trading power.

Exchange Online: Search for your next vacation online at your convenience by visiting or These online sites allow subscribing members to search through thousands of vacation options and complete their vacation exchange in a few simple clicks.

Protect Your Vacation: Purchasing vacation protection gives timeshare owners the peace of mind in knowing that if they need to cancel their exchange vacation for any reason, the deposited interval they used for exchange will be restored and they will receive a credit for the exchange fee they paid that can be used toward another exchange in the future.

Watch and Learn: Get the story on placing pending requests, finding a pet-friendly resort, and more by watching Interval’s informative tutorials on or by visiting and checking out the educational videos at RCI® TV.

ARDA World Convention in Las Vegas Hits the Global Jackpot

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ARDA World Convention in Las Vegas Hits the Global Jackpot 

February 23, 2012  


ARDA World 

ARDA World 2012 will be here in just six weeks, and everyone at ARDA is excited about this year’s global theme—featuring attendees from over 35 countries, international development organizations from around the world, and internationally-focused sessions and events. The general sessions and one select session from each educational wave will feature simultaneous translation into Spanish and Portuguese. Expect valuable insight from this year’s keynote speaker, loyalty expert Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company’s loyalty practice, which helps companies achieve results through customer and employee loyalty. New this year is the ARDA World mobile application, available for web-accessible and smart phones, where attendees can access or customize the convention sessions.  ARDA World will also feature interactive Twitter (using the official hashtag #ARDAWorld), Facebook, and Flickr walls throughout the convention space. 

Register now, or for more information, visit the ARDA World website.


Caribbean Waves in as the Most Travel-Intensive Region in the World

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Caribbean Waves in as the Most Travel-Intensive Region in the World 

February 16, 2012 


The good news is that the Caribbean region continues to be the most travel and tourism intensive region in the world, according to the 2011 Caribbean Travel and Tourism Economic Impact Study, sponsored by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).   

However, the Caribbean was also fraught with severe economic distress due to the global recession and now faces more potential legislative challenges as Caribbean governments face funding struggles in their recovery process. What that means for our industry is that we need to be prepared to fend off such legislative proposals that would negatively impact the timeshare industry (both developers and owners) and the entire Caribbean travel and tourism industry. Fortunately, ARDA-Caribbean is proactively addressing these challenges. One example of this can be found in the U.S. Virgin Islands where ARDA-Caribbean is actively involved in the strategic planning discussions with the US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism and the Office of the Governor in their 5-year Tourism Development plan to chart a sustainable future for tourism in the territory.  Look for more legislative updates in the ARDA-Caribbean section of the website.