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Worldwide Shared Vacation Ownership Survey (non-US)

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Worldwide Shared Vacation Ownership Survey (non-US) 

From Darla Zanini 

December 15, 2011 


AIF Research 

Hopefully all of you with international properties have had a chance to participate in the ARDA International Foundation’s (AIF) first worldwide survey in over a decade. We will complete data collection at the end of December and begin tabulating results to provide the industry with statistics on the importance of vacation ownership and its most recent performance trends around the world.

Shared vacation ownership sales and resort operations represent a significant and growing force in the global economy and this major research undertaking will begin to quantify that.

The survey was developed and launched in early November with the ARDA International Foundation (AIF) working closely with Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company to conduct the supply portion of the study and The Research Intelligence Group to conduct the consumer portion of the survey.  In that piece, we are measuring number of owners, residence by country, international travel preferences and for non-owners, industry awareness.  

We will ascertain key industry metrics including sales volumes, product types, resort occupancy rates and operating metrics for every world region. The results will help the financial and investment communities better understand the state of the industry and help the industry professionals around the world to educate the public, the press, lawmakers and business partners alike about the industry so that a better business environment can be created or maintained.

The survey reached 99 countries and was available in five languages. The full report will be available in Spring 2012.


Posted by: Keith Laurent( Visit ) at 3/1/2012 3:29 AM

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