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ARDA International Foundation (AIF) Owners Report—Things to Consider

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ARDA International Foundation (AIF) Owners Report—Things to Consider 

March 1, 2012

AIF Research

Our latest Owners Report categorizes timeshare owners into one of six segments:  Fans, Vacationists, Togetherers, Experiencers, Strugglers, and Attritors. Each segment has a unique set of values, opportunities, and barriers.  

For example, we found that owners will be increasingly shopping for “value” in this market. Value seems to be operationalized as more than just low cost, but also benefits that appear to be at a premium, especially the ability to exchange and increase flexibility.  

Another observation is in the benefit of reaching new and emerging markets. Currently, timeshare owners are disproportionately Caucasian. According to Census projections, their representation is expected to decline while other ethnicitiesHispanics, in particularare projected for considerable growth.   

One of the segments in the AIF’s new segmentation program, Togetherers, has a much greater Hispanic/African American population than found within the industry as a whole. This segment provides strong advocacy for the industry and its organizations. 

There is a detailed description of each segment as well as the implications and recommendations in the full study. Contact us here to get a copy. 


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