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Getting Back to a New Normal

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Getting Back to a New Normal

By Don Harrill, Chairman of ARDA

November 12, 2012 

New Normal

Good news! There is again investor competition for our business. This is bidding down the cost of bonds and opening new avenues for developer capital. The Q2 2012 ARDA International Foundation Pulse Survey also indicated that sales volume increased between 9.5% and 11.7% from Q2 2011. In the same timeframe, delinquencies dropped 2.7 percentage points, maintenance fee payments are stable, and after a slight 0.5% increase, resort occupancy remains a very strong 81%.

Many developers are also in the lending business, an industry that has come under intense government scrutiny. New federal lending regulations were introduced that, in their original form, would have damaged our industry. Fortunately, the work of ARDA staff prompted changes to protect the interests of timeshare lenders and continues to ensure our industry can work without unwarranted constraints due to unintended consequences.

I’m very proud of how everyone—united as an association—has responded in this difficult time, and the positive energy I see is a welcome change. However, I also know some members are still struggling to get their businesses back on track. I believe as an industry we have a renewed optimism that these positive timeshare market trends will continue, and these “tides” will eventually lift all boats.

Members: don’t forget ARDA’s Fall Conference is coming up this week: join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #fallconference! 

Note: This blog post is based on an October 2012 Developments magazine article.  


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