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Timeshare Exchange Programs Give Owners Vacation Flexibility

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Timeshare Exchange Programs Give Owners Vacation Flexibility  

By Howard Nusbaum, CEO and President of ARDA 

February 20, 2013 

  Timeshare Exchange 

A recent focus group we conducted confirmed what many of you may have suspected—there is a belief among would-be timeshare purchasers that the product is inflexible. In an effort to help dispel this myth, we recently issued a press release on exchanging.  

As noted in the release, it is the flexibility provided by exchange programs that make owners say timeshare is a better way to vacation. Last year, 38 percent of traditional timeshare owners either banked or exchanged their timeshare, according to ARDA’s AIF 2012 Shared Vacation Ownership Owners Report.  

We also shared stories of owners exchange experiences from companies Interval International and RCI. Both Interval and RCI recommend that owners first develop a list of ideal vacation destinations, be flexible with dates of travel, and understand their product type and exchange program in order to best evaluate and use their trading power.  

We will continue to communicate the flexibility of timeshare and welcome your ideas! 


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