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Recreation or Re-Creation?

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Recreation or Re-Creation? 

By Kathryn Mullan, Editor & Director of Publications

August 16, 2013 

Recreation or Re-creation? 

That was the theme in the recent August issue of ARDA’s Developments magazine—how are the industry, developers, and resort managements teams maximizing recreation into vacation experiences so that owners can create their own leisure, at their own pace?

What we found is that as owners seek new experiences, the timeshare industry is ready to deliver. 

For adventure-seekers, resorts are expanding their programs to include more adventure-based activities like zip lining, ATV riding, and scuba diving. Christina Wells wrote in her article “Looking For Adventure?” that adventure travel accounts for $89 billion in global spending and 26 percent of travelers from Latin America, North America, and Europe engage in adventure activities while traveling. There are even experiential-themed resorts like the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where the staff engages guests with the surrounding national park through entertaining and educational activities, designed to draw them into the destination as a whole.

For owners who define recreation as creating a relaxing space to unwind, this is our industry’s sweet spot. We know that the emotional connection of a timeshare vacation is about the experience—whether that means a new experience or the nostalgia of returning to a familiar, beloved place—and our resorts continue to enhance the guest experience. In Kate Norton’s article “The Evolution of Resort Recreation,” she suggests not to overlook the power of simplicity. Offering babysitting services, wine tastings, and themed parties create happy memories and peaceful vacation experiences too!

If you forgot to take your Developments issue on vacation with you, it’s not too late to read through many of the great articles and re-create your sense of adventure! Check out the August issue of the magazine online.  


Absolutely. Owners need to be accommodated with the best of both worlds: adventure and relaxation.
Posted by: Keith Laurent( Visit ) at 8/16/2013 10:27 PM

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