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Resale Infographic Outlines Important Steps for Consumers

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Resale Infographic Outlines Important Steps for Consumers 

By Howard Nusbaum 

November 7, 2013 

Wild West Resale Infographic 

Our newest infographic focuses on steps timeshare owners can take to help them navigate the resale market. As you know, ARDA has worked closely with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and many states to educate consumers about how to avoid scams in the secondary market over the years. This latest effort—our easy-to-follow infographic—will provide guidance to consumers that are confused about where to turn. 

The incidents of reseller-related scams are growing as owners are reporting them to the appropriate authorities more frequently, and lawmakers are taking steps to put stronger protections in place.  

ARDA has released ten consumer advisories about specific bad practices and created a section on its advocacy-based website devoted to resale resource information 

Feel free to share this infographic and accompanying press release with your owners and constituents—and direct them to ARDA-ROC’s Timeshare Resale Resource Center for more information. 


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