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Sustainability & High-Tech Design: A Leading Development Trend in our Industry

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Sustainability & High-Tech Design: A Leading Development Trend in our Industry 

by Kathryn Mullan
Senior Editor, Developments Magazine
July 20, 2015

 Ice Break

After seven long years of absorbing existing inventory, the industry is seeing a substantial up-tick in new construction. That is why this month’s Developments issue on Construction & Design is such a welcomed topic!

This month’s magazine explores design trends for the hospitality industry, as well as resort amenities and services that travelers have come to expect and use to measure their vacation. These trends and travel preferences have grown at lightning speed over the past several years. As a result, timeshare developers are making more frequent investments in resort design that incorporate sustainability features and high-tech amenities than just a few short years ago. And the additional investment is paying off.

Guests want—and rely on—connectivity while on vacation. And while resorts now offer Wi-Fi capability throughout properties, resorts are also looking for ways to offset energy consumption and employ more energy efficiencies through sustainable measures, such as more efficient lighting sensors, multiple-unit charging stations, and multi-media viewing capabilities through smartphone devices (among other offerings). Additionally, indoor and outdoor design and resort construction features more recyclable and sustainable materials than ever before and from manufacturers and businesses that are eco-friendly themselves—a factor that is important to many owners and prospects. Today, more resorts are committed to sourcing sustainable materials for new build and renovation projects. Read more in Christine Blank’s feature article.

Sustainability measures are also being undertaken by resorts through programs and initiatives that inspire owners and guests to take active part. Wyndham Vacation Ownership, for instance, has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation for the last five years via a planting-tree program that invites owners to offset their carbon emissions when traveling on vacation. From as little as $2 a day (tax-deductible) during their stay, owners and guests can have a donated tree planted in one of the nation’s state or national forests; these trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide, as well as purify the air and clean the Earth’s water supply. WVO has already received positive feedback from participating owners, who are passionate about green programs. See full details in Lesley Harris’s July article.

If you haven’t had a chance, explore the latest issue of Developments!


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