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Radiating Positive Impact through Resort Sustainability

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Radiating Positive Impact through Resort Sustainability

By Jess Hoover, Sustainability Coordinator & Hilary Chu, HR Director (Breckenridge Grand Vacations)

We who work in the vacation industry are fortunate tohelp create memories and experiences that touch the lives of our owners, guests, employees, and communities. Because vacation ownership is frequently passed down through generations, we also have an incredible opportunity to showcase sustainable ideas and practices designed to ensure that these experiences continue well into the future.

The impacts of resort sustainabilityare far-reaching. Businesses with strong sustainability ethics set examples for other companies in their industries, their communities, their customers, and their employees. Sustainability makes business sense, too. Increasingly, consumers report supporting businesses with established sustainability programs.

Moreover, adopting environmentally friendly behaviors, such as recycling and decreasing energy usage, are often cost beneficial. These behaviors foster habitsthat employees can take from work to their communities and homes. And, of course, sustainability is important for maintaining the vitality of the local environment.

It is important to make sustainability fun and engaging by celebrating events like Bike to Work Day
and Earth Day with employees and guests
on property. Consider creating resort activities that relate to sustainability issues.

When starting your sustainability program, mapout how your efforts will fit in with your company’s larger mission, culture, resort, and community—aligning strategically along key paths of change. Your leadership team should understand not only how sustainability can be practiced at your resorts but also its role at the department level. Challenge your departments to think of what actions they can take to reduce their overall impact.

As with any new program or initiative, it is always good to walk before you run. And once you’ve made some impactful changes, be sure to share them! 

For the full article on this important topic, see this month’s Developments Magazine. 

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