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Introducing…Mark Wang

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Introducing…Mark Wang 


Every two years, we have the unique opportunity to welcome a new ARDA chair, a leader with fresh perspective and guidance to the strategic direction of the Association and the core nature of our work.

Change brings so many components to it: expectation, excitement, a sense of adventure, questions and perhaps uncertainty. Developments Magazine sat down with our new ARDA Chair, Mark Wang, president & CEO of Hilton Grand Vacations, to get a sense of his vision and plans for these next two years.  Here are some of the key things discussed during that sit down:

Mark has been an entrepreneur from a young age, building companies and developing teams with this inspiring sense of the possible.  He spent 26 years in Hawaii selling vacations, stating, “I started several companies and helped struggling resorts succeed. I learned all aspects of this business—sales and marketing, management, finance and operations.”

He’s used these lessons from his past to rise to his current role where he leads over 8,000 exceptional team members for a company that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

As for what his top priorities are as Chairman, Mark says:

“There are three top objectives I want to focus on, especially in the first year. First and foremost, continue to support advocacy as the number-one core strength of ARDA. I’ve been involved with ARDA for almost 35 years, and at the state level in Hawaii I saw how strong ARDA could be, protecting both developers and owners. As a second priority, I see great opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region, so I want to explore how to bring best practices and perhaps our AIF research tools to strengthen that region for growth. And my final priority would be to address exit programs and public perception, which are often inter-connected. First, we should consider owners who enjoyed the product for many years but now have a need for a soft landing. We can also enhance the overall image of timeshare, which is currently being tarnished by the tremendous activity targeting owners to ‘get out of their timeshare.’ We know owners love our product, and we need to protect our owners and our industry’s reputation.”

Overall, Mark adds, he is grateful to Howard Nusbaum and the entire team at ARDA for this opportunity to collaborate on the goals and objectives outlined in ARDA’s Strategic Plan.

Here’s to ARDA’s new Chair and the success of our industry—the best is yet to come!

To learn more about Mark, read his full sit down in this month’s issue of Developments.  

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