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Active Issues

LocationDateIssue Title
California5/15/2016 ARDA and ARDA-ROC Support Enhanced Privacy of Timeshare Owner Lists
South Carolina5/29/2015 ARDA and ARDA-ROC Oppose Legislation Proposing Voluntary Surrender of Timeshare Interests (HB 4259)
South Carolina4/08/2015 ARDA and ARDA-ROC Oppose Elimination Of Timeshare Tax Exemptions
Virginia4/01/2015 ARDA Supports Bill That Modifies Public Advertising Requirements For Deed Of Trust Foreclosure Sales
Virginia4/01/2015 ARDA Supports Bill Extending Owner Exemption to Real Estate Licensure
California3/27/2015 ARDA and ARDA-ROC Support Bill to Allow for Electronic Delivery of Public Disclosure Documents
Massachusetts3/25/2015 ARDA and ARDA-ROC Oppose Legislation Proposing Voluntary Surrender of Timeshare Interests (HB 1658)
Hawaii3/25/2015 ARDA and ARDA-ROC Support Proposals to Ensure Timeshare Buyers’ Rights on Short-Term Projects
Hawaii3/24/2015 ARDA and ARDA-ROC Are Monitoring Legislation Proposing Transient Accommodations Tax (TAT) Increase
Massachusetts6/26/2013 Massachusetts Mandatory Take-Back Bill Likely Defeated
Massachusetts6/26/2013 MA Timeshare Advertising and Solicitation Bill Introduced Again
Maine6/25/2013 Maine Foreclosure Bill Dies in Committee, Sent to AG for Further Study
Massachusetts6/24/2013 ARDA-ROC Supports Intro of Resale/Transfer Bill in MA
Texas6/20/2013 Texas SB 1372 Signed by Governor Perry
West Virginia5/01/2013 West Virginia Amends Timeshare Law

Resolved Issues

LocationDateIssue Title
Texas6/04/2015 ARDA and ARDA-ROC Support Texas Consumer Protection Legislation Addressing Fraudulent Practices by Timeshare Transfer and Exit Companies (HB 2261 / SB 738)
Colorado3/27/2015 ARDA-ROC Supports Exemption from Licensing Requirements for Timeshare Association Managers in Colorado
Nevada3/23/2015 ARDA and ARDA-ROC Support Revisions to Nevada Timeshare Legislation
Florida3/20/2015 ARDA and ARDA-ROC Support Amendments to Florida Timeshare Law
Utah7/10/2014 UT Division of Real Estate Seeking Update to Timeshare Law
Colorado7/03/2014 ARDA Submits Comments on Proposed CAM Licensing Rules in CO
California7/02/2014 Recording Fee Increase Fails in CA
California7/01/2014 CA Owner Privacy Bill Blocked for 2014
Arizona6/01/2014 AZ Legislature Adjourned April 24
Rhode Island1/16/2014 Hotel taxes included in the Governor’s Budget for FY 2015
California10/11/2013 Proposed Recording Fee in CA Hurts Resorts
Hawaii10/11/2013 HI Commissioner of Deeds Program Passes Legislature
Hawaii10/11/2013 HI Timeshare Law Updated
California10/10/2013 CA Owner Privacy Legislation Introduced
Hawaii8/22/2013 Maui County Proposal on Prohibition of Timeshares has been Deferred

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