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May 15,2016

ARDA and ARDA-ROC Support Enhanced Privacy of Timeshare Owner Lists

An amendment (AB 634) has been proposed to California’s Vacation Ownership and Timeshare Act to tighten the rules protecting the privacy of timeshare owners’ personal information from becoming available to third parties for commercial purposes or fraudulent activity.
March 27,2015

ARDA and ARDA-ROC Support Bill to Allow for Electronic Delivery of Public Disclosure Documents

The proposed bill (AB 905) would permit the developer to provide the purchaser with the public report (must include public offering statements) or other disclosures either in writing or in a digital format at the discretion of the purchaser and eliminate the delivery of the redundant form.

Resolved Legislative Issues

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July 02,2014

Recording Fee Increase Fails in CA

SB 391 which would have added significant costs for timeshare associations failed in CA.
July 01,2014

CA Owner Privacy Bill Blocked for 2014

Assembly Bill 126 would have reestablished limits on the release of owner contact information voided by the court.
October 11,2013

Proposed Recording Fee in CA Hurts Resorts

Proposed recording fee in CA unfairly hurts timeshare resorts.

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