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June 25,2013

Maine Foreclosure Bill Dies in Committee, Sent to AG for Further Study

In Maine, the foreclosure by possession bill ARDA-ROC has reported on in the past was introduced again this year as an amendment to LD 807.

Resolved Legislative Issues

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April 26,2011

Maine Foreclosure Bill to be Heard May 5

Maine LD 1448 provides for both the foreclosure by possession procedure and the non-judicial procedure (33 MRSA 595) available in the case of foreclosure of assessment liens or mortgage liens on time-share estates and time-share licenses.  The bill will be heard in the Judiciary Committee on May 5.
February 10,2011

ARDA-ROC Seeks More Foreclosure Options for Maine Timeshare HOAs

ARDA-ROC is in the process of gathering legal and political information to determine if it will support legislation providing Maine-based timeshare HOAs a broader range of foreclosure options. 

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