HOA Toolbox

The HOA Toolbox contains a series of resources compiled by industry professionals, HOA board members, HOA thought leaders, and ARDA.

Note: The HOA Toolbox is an ever-changing resource that will be updated as new ideas, techniques, laws, and policy are modified and improved. 


HOA Resort Operations Best Practices Series

*NEW*  Best Practices Resort Resale   

 Best Practices Owner Engagement  

Best Practices Housekeeping and Best Practices Housekeeping Part II  

Best Practices Interviews 


Accounting Concepts & Definitions: The accounting equation: [Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity]. The financial statement called the balance sheet is based on the "accounting equation." Note that assets are on the left-hand side of the equation, and liabilities and equities are on the right-hand side of the equation. Similarly, some balance sheets are presented so that assets are on the left; liabilities and owner's equity are on the right.

Board Member Due Diligence and Duties: Due diligence (also known as due care) is the effort made by an ordinarily prudent or reasonable party to avoid harm to another party or himself. Failure to make this effort is considered negligence.

Emergency Plan Starter Kit: Each property is unique. The probability of a certain type of disaster will vary from one resort to another. However, each event requires individual consideration and a specific, well-written disaster plan. (More within presentation file)….already available as link on site prototype.

Evacuation Procedure: Potential emergencies at your resort property, such as fire, explosion, chemical releases and all other emergencies require owners, guests and employees to evacuate the building. An Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP) and adequate occupant familiarity with a building minimize threats to life and property. This plan applies to all emergencies where occupants may need to evacuate for personal safety.

Glossary of HOA Industry Terms: This glossary of Timeshare Plan Homeowners Association (HOA) terms was prepared by PRO Management and the HOA Outreach Committee to assist those involved in the operation and management of a timeshare resort and their affiliated HOA. This glossary is for general information and educational purposes only and is not to be considered as legal advice or counsel.

Important Participants within the HOA: In a typical timeshare plan, each purchaser automatically becomes a member of the resort home owners association (HOA). Many plan legal documents (CC&Rs) require that the developer/declarant (D/D) turn over control of the resort (after a specific percentage of sell-out has been achieved). Additionally, most of those CC&Rs require that the members, other than the D/D, begin to elect a board of director (BOD) member in order to achieve a smooth transition from D/D control to HOA control at the appropriate time. In order for the HOA to function in the manner intended by the CC&Rs, these are several important positions.

Insurance Check Up: A comprehensive insurance plan is a great tool in providing a collective peace of mind to all the member of your timeshare owners associaton.  Read recommendation for as to what coverage is necessary for associations.

Optimizing Board and Management Communications: Communication has 6 major dimensions.

Resales: The Timeshare Resale Resource Center provides information on how to resell your timeshare, chose a resale company, avoid resale scams, and more.

*NEW* HOA Resale Guide - Best Practices for Resort Resale   

 Resales Tips: This tips page provides a resale checklist and tips on selecting a resale company.

Rules The one thing that almost every homeowners’ association board seems to need is a simple and dignified system of order for its meetings which its members can easily learn and apply.

Sample Welcome Letter for New Elected HOA Board Members  

Sample Informational Letter for New Elected HOA Board Members  

Sample of Whistle Blower Policy  


Published Resources

Accounting & Financial 

Lena G. Combs, CPA - Assessing Financial Health: How Does Your Association Stack Up? Part 1 (2012) 

Bill Chaffee, RRP, and Nico F. March - Found Money (2012)

When it Comes Time for a Turnaround (2011)

The HOA Outreach Committee - Budgets: The Roadmap for Your Association (2011)

Steven M. Brettholtz, CPA and Jennifer L. Coleman, CPA - A Summary of the Audit Process (2011)

Steve Eubanks - Dishing It Out  (2010)

Beth Moore & Rob Oden - Proper Income Tax Planning Can Reduce Your Association's Income Tax  (2010)

Steven M. Brettholtz, CPA - An Accounting Primer for Timeshare Association Boards (2010)

Geri Bain - Companies Large & Small Meet Tough Realities with Creative Cost-Cutting  (2009)

Stuart Furman, CPA - Securing Against Future Financial and Operational Challenges (2009)

Steven M. Brettholtz, CPA - Governing Your Timeshare Association and Your Audit (2009)



John Pretto - A Simple Guide to a Well-Designed Wi-Fi System (2012)

John Small - Inventory Control: Real Time Lessons (2011)

Charles Bastien - Guest Room Technologies  (2010)

Candace Vigil & Mike Norton - Keeping It Simple   (2010)


Management & Operations 

Mike Gaudiosi - The Core of Good Hospitality Management (2012)

Shep Altshuler - Q & A on Today’s Environment  (2012)

Bonnie Lieb - ARDA Launches Timeshare Fans Initiative (2012)

Bill Chaffee - Reserve Management: Simplify the PlanReserve Management Plans - Unit InteriorsReserve Studies: Why All the Confusion?  (2011)

Gary Kujawski - Has Your Board Considered Advisory Members? (2011)

Cheryl Bellacicco - What to Do About Bedbugs (2011)

Gordon McClendon - Re-engineering Customer Experiences  (2010)

Nigel Lobo - Value Propositions  (2010)

Jim Lewis - It Takes (the Right) People  (2010) 

Jeff Wharton - Reinvigorating an Old and Tried Property  (2010)

Bob Craycraft - "Ask the Experts"  (2010)

John Farrow - Getting Back to Basics (2010)

Charles Martin Sr. - Resort Management in Focus  (2010)

Kit Armour, RRP - Customer Service  (2009)

Bill Chandler & Sharry Luneke - From Disaster Comes Something Good for Florida Resort   (2009)

Kelly Safis - Ways to Extend Resort Living Space, Help Reduce Cost: Outdoor Kitchens  (2009)

Jeffrey Lee & Robert Seneca - Are Your Resorts Healthy? (2009)



Dr. Betsy Bender Stringam, RRP, Dr. Catherine Curtis, and Dr. Randall Upchurch, RRP - A Study of HOA-Controlled Resorts (2012)

Beth Moore - Saving Aces (2011)

Julie Clawson - The Role & Importance of the Association Administrator  (2009)

Jim Carson - Federal Accessibility Guidelines   (2009)

Steven J. Newman, Esq. - A Guide to Terminating Failed or Struggling Single-Site Projects  (2009)


Board of Directors 

Susan Kelley - Effectively Managing Board of Directors' Meetings  (2009)

Dennis DiTinno - New Board Members, Transitions, and Orientation (2009)