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Timeshare, or vacation ownership, redefines leisure travel. Owning a timeshare resort gives vacationers the ability to choose the vacation to fit their lifestyle and travel preferences — at more than 5,000 resorts in nearly 100 countries. 

With high-quality, spacious accommodations, timeshare vacations provide the comforts and convenience of home but in luxurious resorts around the world. From resort group activities to swimming, golf or tennis, many resorts offer services and amenities for even the most active vacationer.

To many, flexibility is the key to better vacationing. The variety of timeshare options give owners the option to exchange their home resort for another destination or choose a different time for their vacation. To others, the pre-paid nature of timeshare ensures a regular vacation without the stress of planning for one each year.

Today, more than seven million owners enjoy vacation ownership year after year. 



How Vacation Ownership Works

Consumers make a one-time purchase of a furnished resort interval, usually one week.

Products vary in cost but are based upon an interval of time. There will be an annual fee for resort maintenance and property management. Other types of timeshare programs, such as fractionals, offer longer-use periods. Often the amount of time purchased is expressed in terms of “points” — a system that allows owners to increase their accommodation options, locations, amenities, and other travel services. Pricing is based on the unit size, resort amenities, location, and season of use.

Many resorts offer owners the opportunity to exchange their timeshare or may also belong to an exchange company that orchestrates exchanges on behalf of its members. Exchange programs offer vacation options in resorts throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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