Welcome to ARDA-WIN!

ARDA WIN is a committee within ARDA that aims to advocate, educate, and connect members by fostering personal and professional growth through a core focus on education and networking 

  • Gain real-world knowledge of industry basics and stay on top of new developments and the latest trends. 
  • Connect with other industry professionals. 
  • Get access to the industry’s library of educational and professional development tools. 

Enjoy networking opportunities and access to business training. 


ARDA-WIN Content Group Objectives 


The ARDA WIN Networking Content Group is responsible for the growth and retention of the membership base.  In addition, this content group is responsible for creating and overseeing networking opportunities to sustain the membership as well as attract non-members to join (For example:  WIN Wednesdays).  Recommendations from the Networking Content Group are subject to review and approval of the ARDA WIN Committee and/or ARDA.  


This content group was created to help inform and engage the ARDA membership at large to encourage participation in this group’s overall activities. This content group supports ARDA by helping to publicize specific ARDA WIN events and programs (via print media, social media, etc.). The team works closely with ARDA Marketing, Communications & Industry Relations and Membership staff and consists of a core group and representatives from the other content groups, so all the various initiatives are promoted.