Frequently Asked Questions of ROC-PAC


 Here are some of the most commonly asked questions of ROC-PAC.  It is meant to provide you and/or a potential contributor with a clearer understanding of why a contribution to ROC-PAC is so important, and hopefully overcome a reluctance to contribute.



RESPONSE: ARDA's political arm --ARDA-Resort Owner's Coalition (ARDA-ROC-PAC) ensures that individual timeshare owners are able to engage government officials at all levels of government in constructive, ongoing dialogues and to participate in policy decisions affecting their ability to enhance the vision of vacation.


QUESTION: “I already contribute to political candidates on my own. What should I contribute to ROC-PAC, too?”

RESPONSE: You should contribute directly to the candidates of your choice, but you should also contribute through ROC-PAC. A ROC-PAC contribution to a candidate represents the entire timeshare industry. There is strength in numbers.


QUESTION:  “I don’t believe in giving money to political candidates. Why should I?”

RESPONSE: I’m sure you have insurance on your car, home, and business office. Bad legislation passed by Congress the state legislature, or city council could be more catastrophic financially than the loss of your car, home or business by fire, theft, or storm. ROC-PAC helps elect officials at the state, local and national level who support the timeshare industry. That’s the best insurance against legislation that can hurt your ability to own your timeshare.


QUESTION:  “I am a (Democrat/Republican), and I noticed ROC-PAC has contributed to candidates of the other party. Why?”

RESPONSE: There are timeshare owners at all levels who are active in one or the other political party. That makes our presence felt in both parties. But ROC-PAC itself is non-partisan in its selection of candidates to support; mere party label is not considered. The record and quality of each candidate determines who gets ROC-PAC support.


QUESTION:  “I have heard about PACS, and aren’t they just in the business of buying votes?”

RESPONSE: ROC-PAC does not buy the votes of politicians. Make no mistake, most candidates and officeholders are honorable persons whose votes are not for sale. ROC-PAC helps elect candidates who share our philosophy, or who will at least listen to our viewpoint.  ROC-PAC-supported candidates who are elected will not always support us, of course.  However, they will usually be more favorable to our point of view than the candidate who ran against them or the incumbent they replaced.


:  “I have heard that ROC-PAC just experienced one of its most successful fundraising year ever. Why should I contribute now?”

RESPONSE: Protecting your ability to own is an ongoing battle. While ROC-PAC has been successful in advancing ARDA’s position, it is important to remain strong and ready to assist candidates who support our point of view. On many occasions, some lawmakers have incurred political risk to support ARDA-backed legislation. We can’t abandon them when they need help in their campaigns. The best way to support them is through ROC-PAC.


: “Because of the economy, I really can’t afford to contribute, can I?”

RESPONSE: The economy is a product of politics, and we really can’t afford not to get involved.  Every penny of your contribution is used to help elect public officials who understand our economic situation and will be responsive to the problems of our industry. When you think about it, making a contribution to ROC-PAC is a real bargain!


QUESTION: Can ROC-PAC accept a corporate contribution?



: Must I be a U.S. citizen or permanent green card holder in order for me to contribute?



: Is my PAC contribution tax deductible for federal income tax purposes?



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