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Curating Vacations for Today’s Savvy Traveler

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Curating Vacations for Today’s Savvy Traveler 

by Kathryn Mullan 

Couple in Greece

In this month’s Developments, we explore key concepts and new initiatives on the front lines of vacation ownership: sales and marketing. We know that understanding your target audience and finding the best approach to reach them has been an established practice by the best of our industry’s teams for years.

But in today’s world of savvy travelers, we must also look for innovative ways to help future guests along the path of discovering their preferences and how vacation ownership can fit into that journey. 

For ARDA, we have utilized VacationBetter.org and implemented a sophisticated online listening initiative as a platform for finding out what motivates today’s travelers and prospective timeshare owners. We ask consumers “What kind of traveler are you?” in an online quiz to better understand their travel preferences but also to help them understand what they want from the perfect vacation. Today, it’s increasingly about choices and options and gathering information before making a travel decision—or purchase!

Many developers are customizing their sales and marketing approaches to co-create a vacation experience with the owner-guest that continues well beyond the sales table to check-in and during the on-site stay. Helping future guests understand their vacation preferences helps customize a vacation product that meets their needs. And developers must create experiences at resorts—amenities, programs, activities—that enhance the vacation for the owner based on their preferences. 

Read more about specific consumer data pointsfrom ARDA and innovative programs that developers are undertaking.



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