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Taking Vacation Time Boosts Productivity

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Taking Vacation Time Boosts Productivity 

By Peter Roth, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

December 16, 2013

Taking Vacation Time Boosts Productivity

New research by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) shows that employees who take vacation time enjoy greater productivity, increased job satisfaction, and higher organizational morale than those who do not.  

However, the “Vacation’s Impact on the Workplace” survey also shows a disconnect between the positive attitudes surrounding vacation and Americans’ actual behavior—61 percent of organizations report that their employees leave three or more days on the table each year...not much of a surprise!

ARDA partnered with the U.S. Travel Association (and its innovative campaign, the Travel Effect) to announce this important research. This is the kind of data that is important to share with our industry, timeshare owners, and prospective owners. There are so many reasons to take regular vacation—and now we see that productivity at work is yet another.

And clearly, owning a timeshare makes people more likely to take their vacation since it’s pre-paid—just one huge benefit to owning a timeshare that the industry should continue to tout.

What are your thoughts on boosting productivity in the workplace by taking time to vacation? Let us know in the comments! 


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