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Timeshare Owner’s Next Vacation

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Timeshare Owner’s Next Vacation 

Timeshare owners know the true value of their vacations – a lifetime of priceless memories! And today’s timeshare owners are planning to spend even more time and money on their future vacations.

In fact, 86% of timeshare owners plan to spend as much or more time on their vacations and 84% plan to spend just as much or more money on those vacations, according to the 2018 Owners Study, conducted by Leger for the ARDA International Foundation (AIF).

Here's a few highlights from the study that gives a glimpse into the next vacation plans of today's timeshare owners:

  • A majority (71%) of all owners plan on vacationing with their spouse, partner or significant other, followed by those bringing children under age 18 (32%).
  • Nearly half (47%) of timeshare owners would like help with the ‘booking’ aspects of vacation planning, particularly booking reservations, flights, and even car rentals.
  • Seventy-nine percent will mostly likely take their next timeshare vacation in the United States.
  • Twenty-six percent of owners plan to go to Florida for their next vacation, making it the most popular U.S. destination.
  • When traveling out of the country, 7% of owners plan to go to The Caribbean, followed by Mexico (6%) and Canada (3%).
  • Owners will be traveling over 1,000 miles one way to their next vacation destination in the U.S. and nearly twice as far if going outside of the U.S.
  • Forty-two percent plan to vacation at their home resort by using their weeks, and 20 percent plan to vacation at their home resort or vacation club by using points.
  • Among those going on vacation in 2018, May, June and July looked to be the most popular months to take their next timeshare vacation.

With guaranteed vacations each and every year, timeshare owners are looking to increase their invaluable time with family.

For more information on the Owner’s Study and other research studies on the timeshare industry, visit www.arda.org/foundation.

Click the the image below to download the infographic.

Next Timeshare Vacation Plans Infographic 2018

U.S. Timeshare Industry Shows Strength with Eight Straight Years of Growth

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U.S. Timeshare Industry Shows Strength with Eight Straight Years of Growth


state of the timeshare industry 2018 blog post 

According to the State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry: United States Study 2018 Edition conducted by EY for the ARDA International Foundation (AIF), the timeshare industry is on the rise. With eight straight years of sales growth and a high average occupancy rate, the industry shows promise for a bright future.

Here are some highlights from the study:

• Sales volume rose from $9.2 billion in 2016 to $9.6 billion in 2017, nearly a four percent increase and more than 26 percent increase since 2013.
• Average occupancy rate was more than 81 percent, compared to a 65.9 percent hotel occupancy rate. Higher occupancy rate extends benefits beyond the resort itself and into the local surrounding markets and communities such as spending at local restaurants, purchasing groceries for the fully-equipped in-unit kitchen, and purchasing gas for rental cars.
• Rental revenue increased from $1.9 billion in 2016 to $2.3 billion in 2017, a 20 percent increase.
• There were 1,570 timeshare resorts in the U.S., representing approximately 205,100 units.
• About 72 percent of timeshare units are two bedrooms or more and the average unit size is over 1,000 square feet.
• The average sales price was $22,180 per interval.
• The average maintenance fee was $980, remaining relatively flat with only a one percent increase over 2016.

Other interesting facts from the study were:

• Thirty-four percent of resorts are beach resorts, making them the most common type of resort.
• Island resorts had the highest occupancy rate of nearly 90 percent.
• Florida had the highest number of timeshare resorts with 373.
• Nevada had the largest resorts with 249 units on average.

For more details from the study, check out the Timeshare in 2018: Paradise Found infographic and for a copy of the full State of the Industry study, visit www.arda.org/foundation.

Official Launch of the Asia Pacific Resort Development Organisation (APRDO)

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A new industry body aimed at representing the timeshare industry in Asia Pacific has been officially formed. 

Incorporated in Singapore in May 2018, the Asia Pacific Resort Development Organisation (APRDO) is the first overarching organisation in Asia Pacific to support and promote the timeshare industry in the region, provide a framework that fosters innovation and regulation in the industry and ensures that business practices are being conducted to the highest ethical standards. 

The organisation has set forth the following key objectives: 

  1. Support country timeshare organisations – Currently 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region have timeshare organisations; APRDO will partner with them to support their cause and priorities. It also endeavours to encourage and facilitate the establishment of new timeshare associations in key markets in the region. 
  2. Influence industry regulation - A favourable regulatory environment for timeshare practices will make it attractive for existing businesses and potential investors. In the near term, the organisation will work in collaboration with existing country timeshare organisations to support their efforts. In the long term, the organisation will be proactive in its efforts to influence timeshare regulations in target countries and provide a guideline for countries interested in establishing regulations to ensure the healthy development of the timeshare industry in this region. 
  3. Point of contact for the industry and governments - APRDO will represent and serve as a central, common voice for the timeshare industry in Asia Pacific, and as a feedback channel to the Government. 
  4. Provide research, education and information exchange within the industry and with government bodies - this is important to ensure that best practices are shared to grow the marketplace for the timeshare industry, especially in emerging markets. 
  5. Self-regulation – APRDO will establish a code of conduct to govern and set best practices standards for the timeshare industry in Asia Pacific. 

Founding members of the new organisation include representatives from businesses across the timeshare industry, who will determine the strategy, working policy and code of ethics of the organisation. 

The executive committee of the organization includes – 

  1. President – Bill Minnock, Marriott Vacations Worldwide 
  2. Vice President – Jonathan Mills, RCI 
  3. Treasurer – Joe Hickman, Interval International 
  4. Secretary - Gisle Sarheim, Hilton Grand Vacations 
  5. Associate Director – Paul Dean, Dean and Associates 
  6. Associate Director – Shin Siow, Wyndham Hotel Group 


“APRDO is designed to be a strong, professional organisation that will be both effective in representing its Members and be a respected voice in advocating for the continued success of the timeshare industry”, says Bill Minnock, President of APRDO. “Through APRDO, we can build even greater consumer awareness and confidence in timeshare as a viable alternative to traditional vacation products.” 

For more information on APRDO or on becoming a member, please contact Jonathan Mills at jonathan.mills@rci.com or any of the executive committee members.

Back in Vegas for ARDA World 2018

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Back in Vegas for ARDA World 2018 

With nearly 1,800 attendees representing 35 different countries from all facets of the timeshare and vacation ownership industry, ARDA World 2018 provided industry professionals the opportunity to come together to learn and share in best practices, and discover new ideas. Five days of meetings, educational sessions, exhibitions and fun gave attendees the chance to strengthen partnerships, while also making new connections.

ARDA World hosted an impressive line-up of speakers and entertainers – including keynote speaker, Robert Stevenson who inspired attendees on how to be among a high-performance culture and stay relevant in today’s technologically-accelerated business economy.

ARDA World 2018 Keynote Speaker Robert Stevens
Keynote Speaker, Robert Stevenson. General Session sponsored by RCI.

The Meet the Leaders general session offered up valuable insights from some of today’s industry leaders on topical issues ranging from the impact of industry consolidation to the impending secondary market.

ARDA World 2018 Meet the Leaders Session
(L-R) Maurizio Bisicky, COO, Anantara Club; Jon Fredricks, President & CEO, Welk Resorts; Tom Nelson, President & CEO, Holiday Inn Club Vacations; Michael Flaskey, CEO, Diamond Resorts; Howard Nusbaum, President & CEO, ARDA. Session sponsored by Baker & Hostetler

New to ARDA World this year, the Sales and Marketing Leaders general session took a look at how marketing and sales paradigms within the timeshare industry is shifting as new technologies continue to arise, a new generation of owners come onto the scene and continued enhancements to the overall customer experience.

ARDA World 2018 Sales and Marketing Leaders Session
(L-R)Dennis DeLorenzo, EVP & Chief Sales Officer, Hilton Grand Vacations; Jeff Myers, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Wyndham Vacation Ownership; Brian Miller, EVP & Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Marriott Vacations Worldwide; Tony Walker, EVP of Global Sales & Marketing, Diamond Resorts; Howard Nusbaum, President & CEO, ARDA. Sales & Marketing Leaders session sponsored by Diamond Resorts

The Lion’s Den once again intrigued attendees as a group of bold start-ups presented their digital innovations and business plans to a panel of judges – the “Lions” of the timeshare industry. The Lion’s winner turned out to be Safely Stay, whereas Beyond Pricing was the People’s Choice winner.

ARDA World 2018 Lion's Den
Judges (L-R) Steve Weisz, Marriott Vacations Worldwide; Ken Potrock, Disney Vacation Club; Jared Saft, Westgate Resorts; Caroline Shin, Vacatia. The Lion’s Den sponsored by Vacatia

On the final night of convention, the ARDA Awards Gala celebrated the industry’s best and brightest in categories that recognized professional excellence, outstanding sales and marketing accomplishments, product design, advertising and staff. View the winners here. 

ARDA World 2018 Gala Comedian Tom Papa
Comedian Tom Papa shared his comedic talents throughout the night.

Click here to view the Facebook Album for ARDA World 2018. 

 AW 2019 at Hilton Orlando  Mark your calendars for ARDA World 2019 in Orlando!
ARDA World 2019
April 7-11, 2019
Hilton Orlando
Orlando, FL 

The Lion's Den at ARDA World 2018

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Sponsored by Vacatia 

The Lion’s Den at ARDA World 2018 

The Lions Den 2018 - blog post 

Wednesday, May 9th from 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas NV
Open to all ARDA World attendees 

Back again by popular demand, The Lion’s Den will take a look at a group of bold start-ups as they present their digital innovations and business plans to our panel of judges – the “Lions” of the timeshare industry. Modeled after the television show Shark Tank, this session will be judged by high profile CEOs and executives from Disney Vacation Club, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, Vacatia, and Westgate Resorts.

This year our contestants include:

  • Beyond Pricing. This automated dynamic pricing solution for vacation rental sites utilizes real-time market data to ensure price recommendations maximize host revenue and occupancy. The Beyond Pricing SaaS solution allows you to link your vacation rental listing, preview a year of recommended rates and sync those prices directly to your calendar. https://beyondpricing.com/ 
  • Conichi. Conichi better connects guests and hotels with technology that helps ease the time-consuming elements of check-in and check-out, allows hotels to communicate directly to their guests, and gives guests the opportunity to share stay preferences prior to arrival. https://www.conichi.com/en/ 
  • Safely Stay. Combining a rigorous guest verification program with the most comprehensive insurance available, Safely Stay gives property managers and homeowners peace of mind that their homes are safe and protected while guests stay at their property. https://www.safelystay.com/ 
  • Tagible Travel. Tagible helps travel companies increase conversion rates in the form of bookings by inspiring their customer to take action. Travel companies add a single line of tracking code to their websites, Tagible software analyzes the site’s keywords, and then puts out interactive and rich media for that keyword. https://tagibletravel.com/ 
  • Triptease. This travel SaaS company empowers hotels to recapture guest relationships, increase direct bookings, and reduce their reliance on online travel agencies. The Direct Booking Platform integrates with a hotel’s website and booking engine in order to optimize conversion, improve price transparency and strengthen the relationship between hotel and guest. http://www.triptease.com 


ARDA World 2018 App Screenshot  Don't forget to download the ARDA World App! And be sure to add the Meet the Leaders session to your schedule so you don't miss it.
Download it here! 

Meet the Leaders General Session at ARDA World 2018

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Sponsored by Baker & Hostetler, LLP 

Meet the Leaders General Session 

Meet the Leaders Session - ARDA World 2017
Meet the Leaders Session at ARDA World 2017 

Tuesday, May 8th from 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas NV
Open to all ARDA World attendees 

Gain insights from industry leaders on topical issues that range from the impact of industry consolidation to the impending secondary market in this robust general session called Meet the Leaders.

Let’s quickly meet this year’s panel:

MAURIZIO BISICKY, Chief Operating Officer – Anantara Vacation Club

Mr. Bisicky was named Chief Operating Officer of Anantara Vacation Club in October 2017 after serving as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and as Chief Commercial Officer. He led the turnaround of the organization in 2016 and has focused on strengthening the global Anantara Vacation Club team and its operational performance, while pursuing and delivering on new business opportunities. With an international background in manufacturing, finance and hospitality, Mr. Bisicky has held senior positions with key players in the vacation ownership industry in Europe and the Middle East.

MICHAEL FLASKEY, Chief Executive Officer – Diamond Resorts

With more than twenty years of senior leadership experience in public and privately-held companies Mr. Flaskey has a key focus on growth-oriented companies within the vacation ownership industry. Prior to becoming Diamond’s CEO, Flaskey held the position of Chief Operations Officer from November 2016 to March 2017, of EVP and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer from 2014 to 2016, and of EVP of Sales and Marketing for North America from 2010 to 2014. Through his tenure, Diamond Resorts has achieved record growth both organically and through strategic acquisition integration. Mr. Flaskey is also key in creating many strategic ambassadorial alliances with world-famous artists and athletes. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Diamond Resorts Invitational, a nationally-televised, PGA Champions Tour-sanctioned Professional-Celebrity golf tournament.

JON FREDRICKS, President & Chief Executive Officer – Welk Resorts

Grandson of the late Lawrence Welk, Mr. Fredricks became President of Welk Resorts in 1999 and has led the company to realize unprecedented growth by fostering profitable expansion projects and organic corporate development. Fredricks’ leadership has guided the strategic direction of his team, setting the company on pace to achieve over $225 million in annual revenues, with more than 55,000 owners who vacation in over 1,200 shared ownership villas. Prior to becoming President, Mr. Fredricks was the General Manager of Welk Resort Branson and Vice President of Welk Real Estate.

TOM NELSON, President & Chief Executive Officer – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Mr. Nelson transitioned to President and Chief Executive Officer of Orange Lake Resorts in August 2017. He joined the company as Chief Financial Officer in 2003, adding president to his duties a decade later. He has overseen the tremendous business and financial growth of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations brand through its strategic alliance with IHG, as well as the acquisition of Silverleaf Resorts. Nelson brought significant corporate strategy, leadership, operations, finance and venture capital experience to Orange Lake Resorts through his career with Arthur Andersen, having created and led the company’s Global Strategy Consulting business. Prior, Mr. Nelson served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Edify Corporation, and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SRI International’s European venture subsidiary.

ARDA World 2018 App Screenshot  Don't forget to download the ARDA World App! And be sure to add the Meet the Leaders session to your schedule so you don't miss it.
Download it here! 

2017 Year In Review: A Strong Year for Timeshare

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2017 Year In Review: A Strong Year for Timeshare

2017 was a strong year for the timeshare industry with $9.2 billion in revenue in the U.S. and $19.7 billion globally. Even amidst several natural disasters that threatened the vacation experience in various locations, our industry showed its resilience to adversity by contributing $79.5 billion to the U.S. economy and $147 billion worldwide. With over 500,000 jobs in the U.S. and about 1.3 million globally, the timeshare industry is truly the backbone to several communities around the world. And with 9.2 million timeshare owners in the U.S. who spent $6.6 billion in local communities, we can rest assured that our industry continues to strengthen businesses big and small.

Our Government Affairs team continued to advocate on behalf of policies, allowing for the vitality and growth of the industry while protecting owners. Our State Affairs team experienced big wins in Florida and South Carolina and our Federal Affairs team focused on ADA reform and successful Tax Reform.

We connected through strong member events in order to collaborate on the unique opportunities ahead through ARDA World in New Orleans, our regional events throughout the country, and our Fall Conference that focused on the economic and political issues facing our industry.

We continued to tell our industry story through our core value propositions of options, space and the value of vacationing. And we will continue to share that story by incorporating ARDA International Foundation’s (AIF) research and market intelligence.

Looking forward to 2018, we aim to enhance the reputation of timeshare, introduce a new generation of consumers to our product, strategize global expansion, and shut down fraud on our consumers.