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The Power of Politics

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 The Power of Politics 

By Steve Weisz, President/CEO of Marriott Vacations Worldwide & Chairman of the Board of Directors, ARDA  

In what is surely considered one of the most unique (or bizarre) political seasons in some time, it serves to remind us just how much politics and the mechanisms of government can impact our timeshare industry.

The contributions that ARDA provides in the forming and managing of regulatory and legislation issues is a never-ending task. From taxation and consumer protection to state-by-state guidelines, the laws that are voted in place can have an enormous impact in our efforts to grow and thrive in development, management, and the sale and marketing of our products. Politics, politicians, and policy are a complicated and ever-changing landscape, to say the least.

Working on behalf of the millions of vacation owners is ARDA-ROC, which serves as the constant voice and first line of defense to the federal, state, and local legislative entities that could pass laws that may negatively impact ownership and the ability to enjoy the vacation time that they have purchased. ARDA-ROC also serves as a constant educational platform for policymakers, so they may better understand the uniqueness and complexities of timeshare.

Shaping the industry for a bright and prosperous future could simply not be done without the collaborative relationship we have with lawmakers and influencers that stand on both sides of the political aisle. From attorneys general, legislators, and even governors, it is extremely important to make sure we stay ahead of the issues and have the important cooperative relationships that benefit us as a whole.

As an industry, we must collectively continue to be consumer advocates against unfair taxation, resale scams, and other undermining factors that can affect our fiscal health—while, at the same time, embracing regulations that provide confidence to consumers that they can put their trust in the products we offer.

(Click here for this column and more content from the October 2016 Developments. ).

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