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Standing Together: ARDA & VRDA Join Forces

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 Standing Together: ARDA & VRDA Join Forces 

By Kathryn Mullan 

They say that you’re stronger together, and there’s power in numbers. This is a core principleof ARDA—how we have built our advocacy groups and likewise grown our entire membership base over the last 45 years. This is even truer at the state level, with various Committees doing awesome work around the country on behalf of the vacation ownership industry.

The state of Virginia is one of the best examples of this principle in action. A local group of developers and vendors came together in the early 1990s, as one of the earliest state group prototypes—banding together on common interests to help build a healthy environment for both development and owners. In 1994, they decidedto organize in a more official way and founded the Virginia Resort Development Association, Inc. (VRDA), a Virginia non- stock company.

During the 22 years of VRDAs existence, there have been many accomplishments and key points of work—namely, the writing and frequent updating of the Virginia Real Estate Time-share Act and its related regulations.

As with most things, there comes a point in time where trends in the industry— namely, consolidation—drive change, and the current VRDA is now considering a dissolution of the association and a shift to an ARDA-Virginia State Committee. If the VRDA Board approves this action at its upcoming December meeting, this change will take effect on January 1, 2017. ARDA State Affairs Director Justin Vermuth will become the lead contact for the Committee (as staff liaison)—working closely with local lobbyists, developer/management/ exchange companies, and vendor/owner groups with interests in this state.

Developments sat down with both Philip Richardson and Justin Vermuth to discuss these pending changes, as the VRDA turns the final page of its book and opens to new opportunities.  Pick up this month’s installment of Developments to find out what they had to say about VRDA’s lasting legacy and where they plan on taking VRDA next. 

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