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Advocating for Timeshare Across the Globe

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 Advocating for Timeshare Across the Globe 

By Charlene Small, ARDA 

 By definition advocacy means fervently supporting or recommending something—an organization, idea, industry—you name it. ARDA has not only embodied advocacy through countless legislative and regulatory successes for years but has also taken its advocacy efforts beyond state governments and Capitol Hill to the media, financial advisors, members, owners, other associations and consumers across the globe.

 This full-bodied advocacy method is needed more than ever, as we build a robust industry in today’s global economy.

Planting the Seeds 

ARDA’s advocacy efforts stem from the foundation of legislative and regulatory procedures that protect consumers, which were established in the early 1980s. Even before those laws and regulations took effect, the industry saw the importance of having rules and standards to govern themselves by and took appropriate steps to regulate their own business endeavors. By laying that groundwork, the industry created a product in which consumersare protected, and a competitive industry platform was established.

Building Relationships 

Creating strategic partners is a key advocacy tool to building a prosperous industry. Associations like ARDA create the platform that brings the right people together to solve problems and develop innovations.

Whether it is helping to establish a regional timeshare association in Asia, collaborating with TATOC on best practices in Europe, working alongside government officials and developers in St. Maarten on timeshare legislation, or simply acting asan ambassador for the industry, ARDA’s diverse advocacy efforts impact many constituencies around the world.

Global Insight: Local Impact 

Today’s global economy urges the removal of geographic borders, making the barriers to business relatively limitless. In fact, ARDA’s vision for the future of the timeshare industry concentrates on doing just that. ARDA aims to take the global insights we gain from our strategic partners, such as sister organization the ARDA International Foundation (AIF) and other organizations around the globe, to create even more advocacy efforts at local levels—wherever “local” may be.

Timeshare’s Bright Future 

Our industry provides the chance to experience a different culture, learn a little bit more about the world, and come back refreshed and enriched from the experience. And the greatest part about using timeshare for these experiences is that our products offer enough space for everyone in the family to comfortably enjoy the trip, a world of options for destinations to travel, and the value of knowing that they have a pre-paid vacation every year.

Especially now, with nearly $20 billion in total sales worldwide and timeshare in 121 countries, it’s an exciting time to be advocating for the industry on a global scale. 

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