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It Has Been an Honor…

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It Has Been an Honor… 

mark wang and steve weiss 

Two years can go by in a blink of an eye, but I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every moment of serving as your Chairman. Through that relatively short period of time, our industry has grown, prospered, changed, and weathered some interesting times. All in all, it has been an amazing period of unprecedented evolution and growth.

 As an industry, we have truly come of age over the past two years and are now being seen as a significant player not just in the hospitality world but also as a business that offers a diverse portfolio of services and revenue streams. We are a unique industry with passionate owners and associates who are extremely engaged in making the most out of enjoyable vacations around the world.

The quality of our physical products has never been better, and the level of amenities and services are amazing too. And what we are doing collectively to drive innovation and create unique owner and guest experiences is pretty astounding—this is why our owners love us!

And as we look to the next two years, I am so pleased that Mark Wang will now assume this honored position and create his own legacy that will only build on this tremendous momentum. I rest easily, knowing that the organization is in good hands with his capable leadership!

Thank you all for your amazing support during my term—it truly has been an honor to serve you.

-- Steve Weisz


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