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The Power of Resort Activities

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The Power of Resort Activities

 By Dr. Amy Gregory, RRP 

Guests and owners alike are looking for things to do while they are on vacation, and our timeshare resorts are always looking for new ways to fill those needs. Activity programming is essential in providing a dynamic and fresh experience for guests—whether they are on a preview tour, visiting as an exchanger, or returning as an owner. In fact, recent research shows a direct and positive relationship between owner/guest satisfaction with on-site resort activities and overall timeshare vacation satisfaction. In other words, if those staying at the timeshare resort are satisfied with the activities, they are more likely to be satisfied with their overall vacation experience. Unfortunately, the reverse is true as well.

Students enrolled in the Masters of Hospitality Management program at the University of Central Florida set out on a quest to identify activities, preferences, and motivations of timeshare guests. In partnership with several area timeshare resorts, the students worked to identify unique, overarching themes related to activities programming, preferences, and motivations. Here were some of the key findings.

Of the nearly 400 timeshare guests participating in the survey, 72% reported being either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the activities programming offered at the resort. The results of the research reveal five predominant activities in which timeshare resort owners and guests typically participate: aquatics, relaxing, eating/dining, reading, and games.

With the activities they participated in ranked accordingly, the participants then shared their motivation for each activity. This was a critical research component, as understanding individuals’ motivation for the activity can help programming staff develop events that are truly satisfying. Motivations vary by the activity, with four main motivations: to feel good, get in shape, be entertained, and learn something.

Survey participants were also asked
to identify up to three activities they would like to see offered. The responses included live entertainment shows/ music, culinary instruction, and games (trivia, bingo, etc.). This study found that activities are not only an essential but critical componentfor timeshare resort vacations when looking at overall satisfaction. So planning around this factor is essential to meeting the needs of your guests. 

Read the entire article in this month’s Developments magazine

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